Newhaven Hand Car Wash £5

Looking down from Newhaven Fort on the harbour...
Looking down from Newhaven Fort on the harbour, with Seaford Bay beyond. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Too tired to wash your car and getting erratic valet services from petrol stations? 

Give yourself a break. Drive over to
Newhaven Hand Car Wash. 

They are just a minute along Railway Road, on the right, after the railway crossing. Follow the signs from the roundabout. You can't miss it.

The lads here are better by far than an automatic car wash. I called on them one day when my car had the winter blues and the inside was crying out for a clean.

Richard, who runs the car wash, offered to give my car an external wash - shampoo+rinse+wheels - and a standard interior wash - hoover+dash clean+windscreen for just £10.

I thought he was joking. A machine wash is £5.50 and a valet clean is usually much more. But the lads got to work. They offered me a seat inside but it was nice taking the air while the sunset spread beyond Newhaven harbour in a haze of peachy colours.

Richard and the lads did such a good job that Lucy - my Vauxhall Agila - skipped over the potholes all the way home. Her bodywork was gleaming (they got carried away and gave Lucy a wax, as well) and the interior smelled like like a clean taxi. There was even protective paper over the driver's floor mat.

English: Newhaven Harbour, Winter 1958-59, nea...
English: Newhaven Harbour, Winter 1958-59, near to Newhaven, East Sussex, Great Britain. Southward, towards the sea, also to the Fort at the mouth of the Ouse on the right. The paddle-steamer near on the left may have been the 'Freshwater' (used for Excursions); the ship further down is moored by the Harbour Station and was probably on the regular service to Dieppe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Newhaven Hand Car Wash is a couple of minutes along Railway Road, on the left. Follow the signs from the roundabout.

There are discounts for taxis and motability vehicles.

They also can also do MOTs and repair your car at a very reasonable price - anything from rust to tyre repairs and replacements to brakes and exhaust pipes and any other mechanical repairs.

If you want to drop of and pick up your car at a specific time, ring Richard on 07963 421 747.

PS This is what Newhaven Harbour
looked like in the 50s.

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