Magnolias Star at Nyman Gardens

A trip to Nyman Gardens yesterday brought exactly the conditions I had  hoped for but missed over the last two years - a marvellous display of magnolias.

Japanese Magnolia at Nymans Gardens.
Photo by V.DuBourdieu©2012
The huge Japanese Magnolia trees just behind the restaurant and shop were a virtual wedding feast in white or exquisite tones of pink;  while burgundy and cream Magnolia Grandiflora blooms were also unfurling themselves gracefully.

As a backdrop, there were sunny daffodils; and some azaleas and rhododendrons, but the camellias had largely exhausted themselves in the spring preparations.
The National Trust runs Nymans Gardens.

Picturesque ruins - part of the Nymans
House, Gardens and Woods. 

Photo by V.DuBourdieu©2012

Nyman's Shop
It struck me yesterday that I had never touched on the goods to be bought in Nyman's Shop.

There are some excellent offers in the garden sale area in front of the shop, just beyond the white paling fences with drifts of daffodils in tubs providing a colourful spectacle in front of the fence.

Additionally, there was someone whittling on some robust wood carvings; and there were a number of cute decorative additions to add to your garden if desire takes you that way

Within the shop itself are a number of excellent books on gardening - you can get Head Gardener Ed Iken's book at Amazon if there are no copies there - as well as cards, pots of jams and pickles, pretty gift ideas and practical kit, from secateurs to gardening gloves.

You might also like to take part in some of the many different events at Nymans Gardens over the next few 
months. And don't miss the Green Gardening and Composting Introductory Talk on Friday 27 April at 11am (£10).

For a complete list of events at Nymans Gardens, please click here.  
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