Daffodils and Nails in the High Weald

Yesterday, I did a "spring flower run" to the High Weald area of West Sussex... and landed a flat tyre.

Magnolias and daffodils, Nyman Gardens

The magnolias at Nyman's were perfect and my next stop was High Beeches, where the daffodils swept down up hill and down dale. (I'll report later on both these places.)

Then on Thursday, it's Borde Hill, also near Handcross.

On my way home, an elegant man at Waitrose in Lewes asked, "Did you know your back tyre's flat?" Eccchh, as Mullah Nasruddin might say.

I hared it back the 10 miles to Mardon Motors in Seaford and arrived just before they closed. Very kindly, Phil drove my car round the back and Glen immediately zapped the offending wheel off and put the spare tyre in its place.

There was a large nail in the tyre and he promised it would be checked out by the time I went in for my MOT on Friday.

Meanwhile, I asked Glen for a lesson in how to work the handy tyre pressure and pump I had bought and stored under my front passenger seat a year ago. Ahem, right, I had not learned how to use it. 

But it looks quite easy when someone shows you carefully what to do.

A neighbour put me onto Mardon's several years ago and they're a great crew: Julie on reception, married to Phil, plus Paul and Glen.

My hairdresser takes her Audi to them and several other people I know go there too. They have a popular garage.

From my viewpoint, it makes driving so much easier when you have a reliable repair firm to keep your car ticking over properly.

Mardon Motors, 81 Steyne Rd, Seaford

Over the years I've found that repairs are not only less in cost than they would be through the Vauxhall franchise (I run a Vauxhall Agila), they give straight, no-nonsense advice on what you need... and what you don't need. I like that.

Thanks guys! (And Julie). 

Ring them on: 01323 894019

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