Pebbles on the Port

Pebbles on the Port is not a nifty kind of drink, it's a brilliant little pub and restaurant in Southwick - nearer Hove than Brighton - that I discovered after a long dental treatment.

In winter, it's closed except for the bar and occasional musical evenings, but they open again for food in Spring. Just to let you know.

Pebbles on the Port has been there for nearly three years - smack on the edge of the Southwick Yachting Marina. 
Yachts moored opposite Pebbles on the Port,

It's a very active boating community and they enjoy Pebbles' musical nights. 

In fact, I just bought a butane heater from the chandler's nearby. Very nice people at G.P. Barnes, and  the heater gives marvellous warmth to the living room and surrounding area, just on low, though the childproof switch is maddening.

It certainly beats having the central heating on high when the temperatures are hovering around 0 degrees centigrade.

Anyhow, to recap on last summer's lunch, I swiftly found myself with a generous glass of French chardonnay (Reserve St Roche) in hand, food at my finger tips, and the water at my feet.

When a swan curled its head up to view the watchers in the pub, I thought it might be a good time to move a little further back.  It was just a tad too breezy for my taste, anyhow.

To vary the scenery, which included a wide variety of yachts and occasional motor launches, there was a slightly rumpled looking musician clambering off an old-fashioned, wooden yacht clutching his guitar and amplifier.

It must be tough having to deal with an audience as soon as you put your head out of the galley.

I like trying out simple things when I first discover a new eating place.

My starter for lunch was garlic mushrooms, which came hot and with plenty of greenery.  The garlic mayonnaise was robustly good.

Excellent fish and big chunky chips complete with peas and more greenery followed the entree.  All that for £15.40, plus a smiling waitress!

Later, I asked what the fish was.  It turned out to be Pang, a Vietnamese river fish, so you're not going to be eating fish from the harbour. That might be a good thing; I wouldn't go swimming in there.

Better still, Pebbles must be one of the few places in Brighton where you can actually park free.  Keep a sharp look out on the left after passing Hove Lagoon, driving through Portslade on the A259 towards Shoreham.

Here's the gen:
Pebbles on the Port
Lady Bee Marina,
Southwick, Brighton BN42 4EG
Tel: 01273 257042

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