FREE Internet Pages on Local Website

My present blog shares part of its name with Michael Barrett's very useful website:

He does an excellent job of providing Internet Pages covering everything possible about Seaford.

In that light, Michael also invites residents and businesses, alike, to put FREE links on his website.

One very useful feature for those living close to the sea - or who want to visit it at the best time - is his tidal prediction chart for Newhaven.

Provided by the National Oceanography Centre, Michael's site shows low tides and high tides with related reports on weather and other seaworthy matters.

The site also gives the gen on local events, takes you on a town tour, provides links on music, and gives many other pertinent tips.

There is a full list of restaurants, some with menus, and descriptions of hotels and other accommodation in the Seaford area.

Michael is not only webmaster of he is also webmaster for the Seaford Museum and Seaford Gallery.

Go for it:

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