Positive Health Care at Seahaven Herbal Dispensary

It is Herbal Medicine week and I can recommend a positive step to improve your health. 

Anyone making an appointment with Seahaven Herbal before the end of July will receive 20% off treatments with acupuncture and naturopathic specialist, Jane Sefton, and herbal consultations with  Martin Powell.

Natural heath products in the shop will also be available at a discount.

Above: Jane Sefton and Martin Powell
Jane's fellow director, Martin Powell, formed Seahaven Herbal as a health resource for the people of Newhaven, Peacehaven, Seaford and surrounding areas.

Martin is the author of Medicinal Mushrooms - A Clinical Guide, and will cheerfully give free advice on Chinese and Western herbs and special treatments using mushrooms.

I visited Jane for an experiment before flying to the other side of the world a fortnight ago, and was delighted with the results of acupuncture treatment with her.

With acupuncture as my preferred form of medical treatment for most health problems over the last 30 years, I've become fussy about how practitioners work with me.

I'm glad to report that Jane was so proficient with her very fine acupuncture needles that I felt no discomfort at all and dozed off before the treatment was finished.

The result of my visit to was that I began a long journey feeling refreshed and energetic, and the acupuncture seemed to dispel jet lag. 

For the first time ever, I arrived in New Zealand in unusually good health after travelling for around 36 hours. 

After just a few hours' proper sleep in Auckland, I was ready to meet the big challenges ahead of me.

Seahaven Herbal offers:

  • Free health advice
  • On-site herb dispensing (Chinese and Western)
  • Herbal consultations
  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Cosmetic acupuncture
  • Talks and workshops
  • Natural health products
  • Coming shortly...  Specialist tea products

It's worth noting that due to recent EU directives, many herbal supplements are no longer available over the counter.

The National Institute of Medical Herbalists reports: "2011 is a momentous year for herbal medicine in the United Kingdom with the government’s announcement in January that medical herbalists will receive statutory regulation as authorised healthcare professionals."

Therefore, if you want to use the full range of Chinese or Western herbs, it is wise to consult a qualified consultant like Martin before buying them.

Ring on 01273 917888 for a consultation at Seahaven Herbal, situated at Denton Island in Newhaven.  You can park on the spot.

For more information, visit:

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