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In response to my friend Em's post on  Melbourne Places about breakfasting on corn fritters in a couple of weeks ago, I've been experimenting with cooking these.

My last ones were a bit bland (I'm avoiding the use of cheese because so many vegetarian dishes clog their eaters' arteries with it).

On Hand
There was a medium-sized can of corn kernels, of course, four big oranges and some free range farm eggs, ripe tomatoes, a bit of cucumber, green chillis, goat's butter, Italian olive oil, clotted cream, yoghurt, fresh mint, basil, three-grain bread, agave syrup, cardamom seeds, Promite, and - drat - I'd run out of freshly ground coffee. Additionally, the milk was 'off', but did have some coffee beans...

By the way, to save writing organic every second word, assume that I use organic produce whenever possible.

Orange Juice 
Whilst squeezing four oranges for their juice, I let my mind get involved in some associative thinking about the other food in the kitchen.  The juice went on the table, mixed with a little filtered water (pure orange juice can be a bit hard on the body). It is better to drink it 30 minutes to an hour before you eat).

While I was thinking, the orchids went into the bath for a good Sunday soak. The orchid tip comes from Alice Walker's splendid book: We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For - Inner Light in a Time of Darkness.

For good measure, I added all the herbs to the bath, and  they have perked up considerably since basking in so much unaccustomed sun on my window sills recently.

Cucumber with Yoghurt and Mint
Right then. First, I chopped the cucumber finely and stirred it in a small bowl with two dessertspoons of yoghurt, and a little salt with iodine (I bought this recently because iodine helps to keep the thyroid functioning properly), and a few roughly chopped mint leaves. That went on the breakfast table.

Meanwhile, I grilled some toast slowly under an overhead grill, and put a couple of plates underneath the toast - on the grill tray - to warm up.  When everything else was pretty much ready, I transferred the toast to a plate and ladled goat's butter and Promite (a version of Marmite that you can buy in Australia and New Zealand, and probably at Australia House in London). Then I sprinkled a little fresh basil on top. This is good!

Corn Batter

Corn fritters, cucumber & yoghurt, poached egg,
Next, I put a 285 gram (medium size) can of corn* kernels in my blender and whizzed it into a creamy mixture, extracing one teacup of this for the fritters. This went into a bowl, followed by two scant tablespoons of light white flour, 1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder, the finely chopped chilli and a large egg.

I mixed this with a fork until it was a thick batter, and stood it aside until bubbles rose. Then a dessertspoon each of olive oil and goat's butter went into the grilling pan on the gas, which was on the 3 mark.

Most of the corn mixture was dropped in dessertspoonfuls at a time into the hot oil and butter. When plenty of bubbles had come to the top, I used an egg slice to turn the fritters over, and packed them away on a plate under the grill - draining any excess fats on kitchen towelling. The rest went in to cook, and swiftly joined the first ones.

Everything Else
The coffee grinder was filled - along with a few cardamom seeds. That too was whizzed. A couple of heaped dessertspoons of the coffee went into my one-person coffee machine with some boiling water to diffuse gently, and the rest into a jar for later on.

Too bad the milk was 'off' - when everything else was ready, the clotted cream went into my coffee with a spoonful of agave nectar (a healthy sweetener - some losses, some gains).

Four corn fritters went onto a  warm plate with the raw tomato alongside for contrast and colour. The rest were wrapped in kitchen paper and laid in rows in a fridge container. From experience, these tend to go pretty quickly - they're surprisingly good cold (useful for picnics)!

That's it - a simple, light, and mostly healthy Sunday breakfast. Perfectly satisfying to my taste. On the right, you can see an alternative breakfast of corn fritters that I cooked with a poached egg recently, and ate outside in the sun.

Em suggests some other excellent embellishments for corn fritters, i.e. bacon, maple syrup, etc. Click here.

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Em said...

I love the look of the fritters with the tomato garnish - such good colour. It made me hungry just to look at then. I think in Betty's Hot Water Corn Fritters I would miss the crunch of the corn.
Em from www.melbourneplaces.co