Bluebells and Recycling - Nyman Gardens

On the day of the Royal Wedding, I turned up too early at Nyman Gardens - one of group meeting Ed Ikin, Head Gardener for a seminar on recycling and composting. 

Magnolia Grandiflora with spring daffodils in the background.
As I waited, my attention went to an unusual tree near the public entrance to the gardens. I'm sure it was a handkerchief tree as I had read about the remarkable success Nyman Gardens has had in growing these. There were several more inside in a group.

Of the other 15 people making up the recycling party, a breathless latecomer said in tones of complete disbelief, "Couldn't you have given the talk after the wedding ceremony?" An amused chuckle rippled down the disparate ranks.

Ed gave a fascinating talk - he is quite passionate about his subject - and I recommend that anyone who has an interest in this putting their name down for his next talk, which will probably be around April 2012. 

There's far more to it than compost, of course, and propagating, as well as preparing seed beds before the propagated plants are put in are some of the areas Ed covered. One of his tips was to encourage healthy roses by dosing them with garlic, milk and Maxicrop (a seedweed based mixture) over a three week cycle.

Hot composting at Nyman Gardens.

You can get a useful leaflet on home composting from Nyman Gardens, and Ed Ikin's book Thoughtful Gardening is available through Amazon. It's worth looking at their website (click here) for other courses and event days as well. 

But right now, I recommend the bluebell walks at Nyman Gardeners. Look right to see them as they were on Royal Wedding Friday.

Incidentally, it seems that Will's Etonian friends call his new wife and her sister The Wisteria Sisters. That can only bode well when you look at how beautiful and how strong wisteria is.

For full details about the composting talk, please click here for my main website.

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